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How to remove hard drive in 7410

Trading in above and want to remove the hard drive first...where is it and how do I do it?

Thanks oldturkey...guess I meant memory. Saw a TV program where old printers were "fixed" and much personal info of previous owner was on them so I assumed they meant hard drive. Memory is fluid and there is no long term storage there, right? I don't generally take stuff apart but pried and got my husband to pry more and still don't see anything that one could use but then, I don't know what I am looking for.

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I don't think that your printer keeps much of its previous print job in memory. You are pretty safe in discarding it in an environmentally responsible way :-) good Luck


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May be I am missing something, but I do not think it does have a hard drive. I do know it has Memory, standard 96 MB Honestly never heard of a printer with a hard drive. Interesting.....;-)

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The original question was asked over 2 years ago, not to add storage, but to rule out if there was more storage in the original printer, before being traded.


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