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The Sony Ericsson W518a is a combined cellular phone and mp3 player.

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Why doesn’t my Ericsson W518a not work?

Hi, so I have a Sony Ericsson W518a and I tried powering it on and got no response. I left it on a charger overnight and it vibrated once, but that was it. I replaced the battery and still nothing. Also, when I try to turn it on, the screen gets a little brighter then turns off again. Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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This problem looks like a dead battery. Try replacing the battery. If it does not help, remove the battery and clean the contacts.

Because your question mentions that, when you try to turn it on, the screen gets a little brighter, then turns off again, it means this:

#1: Crashed firmware or EROM - full flash needed - bring your Walkman to service*

#2: Damaged LCD flexible cable - display replacement needed - bring your Walkman to service

  • The service dealer can ask you for more fees, because this is old phone and all data will be deleted.

I don't know about the price of flashing firmware in USA, but in Slovakia the service dealers don't have a tools or hardware for these old phones.

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