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Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-H300 20.1 megapixel camera used for photo taking, 3D images, and filming. Model Number: DSC-H300. The model year of the camera is 2014.

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Are there any good fixes for a lense that doesn't zoom?

I'm trying to find good troubleshooting information for my DSC H300 because for some reason Zoom function doesn't work. Does anyone know of a common problem and/or fix or is this something that will need something replaced for it to zoom again?

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Hi Carol

If you are 100% sure that batteries are of good quality and fully charged,

and correctly placed;

The battery contacts are not corroded or dirty;

Resetting your device is the first and best option:

MENU—> (Settings)  —> (Main Settings)  —>[Initialize] —> [OK]

With this setting you can reset all settings to the default settings.

Even if you perform this function, the images are retained.


Be careful not to remove the batteries during initialization.

Best of luck;


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