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The T-Mobile Sparq was released October 28th, 2011 with part number 610214627957. Also known as the Alcatel Sparq or the Alcatel OT-606a.

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emergency call for alcatel sparq t mobile

I’m located in Canada.

I have an Alcatel T-Mobile Sparq cellphone which is unlocked. When I try to make a call it’s saying emergency call only.

Please tell me how to make regular calls


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Your phones specs Alcatel Sparq


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Is it possible you’re in a 2G service area with degraded services? T-Mobile is keeping it alive until 2020, but it’s being depreciated in certain areas - none of us can tell you where this is happening so even we don’t know enough to tell you about your specific situation with 2G availability.

The best we know (and can advise you on) is how many months owners of these old phones have left before they need to replace them, if we know the carrier they use.

Find a phone with 3G/4G bands and see if you get better results. If you do, then you’re in a 2G depreciated area.

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You’ll need to get a cell service provider to help you.

There are many options like buying minutes or getting a monthly contract. Look at your options then contact a local store front, You maybe limited to T-Mobile depending on what bands the phone supports in Canada.

The provider should give you a new SIM card to install into your phone and you should be good at that point!

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We put active SIM card and got same issue emergency call only


You'll need to talk with the carriers if your phone is workable. As @nick stated we just don't know what bands are available and it maybe limited to some areas (G2).


@tukdi 2G is pretty much on the way out; 3G isn't far off. The gradual shutdown is why I retired my iP4 permanently when the battery died. At that point, we were a few years away from the death of 3G (if I had to guess, 1-2 years), but I walked before that happened... Even as an iPod. It was unbearably slow AND on borrowed time as a phone. I decided to pass on fixing it and will find a 5s or a 6s capable of cellular service for many years rather than fix a 3G phone that's soon to be useless outside of WiFi. It's gotten to a point if someone here asked me, I'd tell them not to bother as it's only going to have network support for months rather then years if the shutdown dates we *know* stick.

I have a hand-me-down 3Gs 8GB I got from a family member just wanting the data because I warned them about the network situation. Its days are numbered as a phone at this point and that's why they told me to keep it. It'll work as a disposable test device (and iPod) but the phone part is DOA based on when AT&T (and other carriers following) are doing their 3G shutdowns.

Having the compatibility on the radio firmware will always be a thing, but 2G and 3G are on the way out given enough time.


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