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My PSP won't display video or audio

So I have been taking my PSP to work with me and playing Monster Hunter because, even though it's 2019 I am a nerd and I love my PSP. Recently it stopped working completely and I have no clue why.

It holds a charge well, so I know it's not a battery issue. I never homebrewed it so it's not bricked. I can charge it up and turn it on and the green power light comes on like it’s running, but the screen never comes on. The reason why I didn't think “oh the screen is dead" is because it doesn't play any audio. I can turn up the volume and push all the buttons I want, but it never makes a sound. Is this fixable?

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has it been dropped? maybe lcd pooped itself or maybe display connector gone loose - if you have some experience pulling about things take it a part and have a look around to see anything out of the ordinary.

if you are not confident best see your local repair shop.

i personally love this devices even in 2019 alot of fun modding and running emulators which brings about nostalgic fun@! :)

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