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MacBook air 1,1 (early 2008) graphics module soldering


I have a pretty big problem. My macbook air starts and runs and works properly, but it doesn't show anything. I mean, the LCD is black.

So i went to an expert consultation and he said, that the graphics module is faulty and suggested to buy a new logic board. I found out, that this model macbook air has an Intel GMA X3100 graphics module, so i tried locating it, but effortlessly. So my question is: is it possible to solder the graphics module off the logic board and replace it with a new one? And if yes, then first how can i locate the graphics module (i didn't find any schematics on the web) and secondly, what kind of equipment will i need for that? (I heard that the newer logic boards are with multiple layers so maybe some hardcore machine is needed for that? I would appreciate any information leading me to success.



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Hi Ott,

I think that although the consultation may have provided you with good info it may have been misleading.

Laptops don't really have graphics modules, the graphics CPU is one of the many Integrated circuits on the motherboard. Replacing one of these takes very expensive machinery, well beyond DIY repair

Question, can you plug it into an external monitor? do you get a picture? If you do your graphics processor on the motherboard is fine.

I think it far more likely that the LCD or the conections to it have the probem, mechanical connections are more unreliable than Intigrated circuits.



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Good answer + First step is to connect to an external monitor to verify the GPU integrity.


Okay, i'll try an external monitor and then get back to you. I have actually tried changing the monitor cable, so that didn't work out.


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