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Why is my fridge making a dripping noise?

In the back of my refrigerator I can hear a dripping noise. I pulled my fridge out and saw it was coming from a clear/white plastic pipe and dripping into the bottom of the metal part of the fridge. Don’t think that it’s the drip pan because it is attached to the frame.

Below are some pictures of what I’m talking about


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I think we need @ladytech on this one. Please give us the model number.


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That J shaped plastic tube is the drain tube. The pan below it that it drips into IS the drain pan. The pan isn’t designed to be removed. The water it collects will evaporate from the heat from the compressor and the condenser fan blowing air across it helps cool the compressor. This is the design used most often. The j shape of the tube is designed as a P trap. The bottom of the J will always hold water. This water keeps warm air and dust from going up the tube. It’s a brilliant design. Everything is as it should be. I hope this helps.

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