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MacBook Pro doesn't always boot. Battery doesn't charge.

Hi all!

I discovered I had a bad logic board, nvidia GPU problem, so I reflowed it.

Now when I try to turn my MBP on it doesn't respond.

Nothing! Completely dead.


I can get it to boot after doing this.

- unplug the battery and the magsafe.

- hold the powerbuttom down for about 10 sec.

- while still holding the powerbutton down I insert the magsafe powercable and continue to hold the powerbutton down for another 10 sec.

- after 10 sec I release the powerbutton and press it again. And it boots!!!

But now the fans are going on full blast all the time and the battery doesn't charge.

My keyboard, powerbutton and other lights isn't working but now the MBP works like it should.

I've tried to reset the PRAM and SMU but when I have to reset the SMU where you should remove battery and magsafe, hold button for 5 sec and then turn it on again, it won't boot that way.

I have to do the method I described earlier.

I reflowed the logic board in the owen very carefully but maybe something else got damaged on the way.

Anyone else who have had these kind of problems?

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Glas you solved your problem


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Yeah, I had the problem, but I sent mine to Apple for a free warranty logic board replacement. Try doing a search on this site for Nvidia, there's lots of info on it here.

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Ok, thanks!

Right after I wrote this question I read that MacBooks Pro's uses 85W ac adapters.

I looked at the one I had and it was only 60W!!

So I think I've found the problem?

I'm gonna see if I can find a 85W charger and test it out.



So after I took a 85W power supply it all worked and the MBP always start when I press the startbutton.

Problem solved!

The MBP now works like it should!


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