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Rechargeable 1:10 scale RC monster truck capable of going 25 MPH. Made by World Tech Toys.

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Rastar Ferrari F12 Ride on Car- Remote not working

Hello everyone! I bought my son a Rastar F12 ride on ferrari. After just few weeks it stopped working. I changed the circuit board, and the car starts now however the remote control that comes with the car is not. Im assuming it’s because I changed the circuit board. Anyone has an idea how to pair the remote and the car?

Thank you very much!

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If you have those new ones la ferrari with spoiler in the back and smaller headlights those one has only 1 issue the steering wheel.. it has this small chip to turn if that breaks then the remote and the steering won’t turn at all no matter what you do! Gotta contact rastar about it right now.. I have both older la ferrari that I bought for $379 and the new version which is sooo much cheaper $229 because of that defect and it doesn’t have the. Steering rod like the older one


hi m facing the same problem with the steering it doesnt move at all .how can i fix it ? where can i buy that chip and it is next to impossible to contact rastar bcos of india and china problems please try to help


Hello, my remote works but the pedal doesn't work on manual? I just opened the box it's brand new. I guess the pedal switch is faulty?? Help!


@Vince M

If it is brand new return it for a replacement or refund under warranty.

It should work straight out of the box.

Double check that you are operating it correctly and if so and it still doesn't work, get it replaced.

That's what warranties are for.


@jayeff they don't have any left. I tried everything. Put the switch on manual and the pedal doesn't work. Only the remote works....weird and frustrating!! any ideas??


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Hi @estafford ,

Looking at the user manual, the only mention of “matching” the remote to the car is on p.8. It says:

before using the remote you need to open the main power and then open the remote control power. After matching the remote control it can be used”

Not very helpful but maybe a clue as to what to do. Maybe disconnecting both the main power and the remote control power deletes the stored remote matching information. Reconnecting both (maybe main power first) will automatically start the matching process or perhaps you may have to press a button on the remote to make it happen.

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Thank you J! I did tried to power down both the car and the remote, however no luck.


Hi @estafford ,

Try contacting the manufacturer and see if they will help you. The manual does say that you can change the control board in the car. Worth a shot ;-)


Hi @estafford , were you able to resolve the issue? I have the same problem with my son’s Ferrari as well.


Anyone solve this problem?


anyone solve this problem? i too bought a replacement remote and cannot get it to sync back with the car to use it. i have the 82700 laferrari. if you know email me at jrhouck20@yahoo.com, tks!


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To sync remote with the car,

  1. turn off the car
  2. Turn on the car
  3. Press any button on the remote
  4. That is it

I try with two cars successfully.

If the car move wheels and does not go forward or reverese open the cars's housing and solder the wire that was disconected from back motor. Soldering was pretty bad on that.

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