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Samsung smartphone released in January 2016. Model SM-J320

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screen shows " cpu 97% " what does it mean ans how do I remove it?

screen shows " cpu 97% " what does it mean ans how do i remove it ?

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did you enable developer options by any chance? there are a few test options in there that probably got enable

Update (03/02/2019)

ok, when you have the phone go to the settings and look for Developer options is almost always above About device, once in developer options scroll and look for Show CPU usage, if its On then that is your problem, turn it off.

if you don not see developer options its ok, go to about device scroll and look for Build number, depending on the android version in could be inside another menu or in the main menu of about device, if you don not see it on the main menu of about device, look for anything named software and tap it. once you see build number tap it a few times, you will see a count down keep taping it after the count down runs out and you will see a message saying “You are now a developer”.

now back out to the main screen of the phone settings and now above about device you should see developer options, follow the first steps to find show CPU usage.

Hope this helps! if not please reply im curious too

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NO. It my girlfriends phone and she called me a few hours ago. I looked in the manual but could not find anything about troubleshooting. . I will see her and the phone tomorrow. I use an iPhone 6 but try to help her with her phone. She does not know much about the phone yet, just got it recently.

Thanks for your help.

Dale Snyder


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