No camera feed after a free fall from 5ft

So my dji spark hit a wall while hovering and fell about 5ft. Everything works fine including the gimbal but there is no feed from the camera and its not detecting the SD card.

Getting the following errors too

Aircraft encoder error

Forward vision sensor error

Help please

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Hi Zubair Ail

what had you done? had you open up and checked the device?

e.g. check for any .. e.g. perhaps broken cable ... or connector came out.. etc


Everything looks fine. The gimbal moves as is. The drone is flying but there is no video feed. Also, it has stopped detecting the SD card. Even thou the card is fine and I've tried putting in another one.

Surprisingly, a lot of poeple are facing the same combination of issues after a firmware upgrade. I don't think mine upgraded mid-flight but I saw a few fixes on YouTube which I'll try tonight. Fingers crossed.


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