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The Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0, a touch screen tablet made by Samsung Electronics, was released in January 2016. This page includes repair information for model number SM-T377V.

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device is googled locked due to reset.

the tablet was purchased at a pawn shop and my son did a reset due to his pass word or code and now the tablet is asking for the email with the original google account

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Google FRP (Factory reset protection) can be removed………

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Sins you don’t know the that owner it doesn’t look like you will be able to get it. Sorry

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That’s a result of the previous user not logging out of their account and not doing a factory reset before selling it. As of Android 5.1, all Android devices have what is called FRP for Firmware Reset Protection. There's a way to bypass it, which is a pain, but it can be done. I came across that same issue when I tried to reflash it. Here’s a way to do so. It must be followed carefully. After that, you can do a factory reset and be able to use it. Here’s a link of how to bypass the FRP:


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