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computer showing not charging but battery shows full.

the battery shows full when i press the button on the battery but on the computer it shows that the battery is dead and is not charging.i have done all the resets that were recommended and still same problem.

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Download and run Coconut Battery and tell us your results. Here's where to get it: http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutba...

iBook G4 12" 1.33 GHz Battery Replacement

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current battery charge: 0 mAh

maximum battery charge: 0 mAh

current battery capacity: 0 mAh

original battery capacity: 4400 mAh

battery Loadcycles: 245

age of mac: 61 months

charger connected : yes

battery is charging: no


Well, Coconut battery shows the battery to be kaput. Time to replace it. Unless you KNOW this not to be a fact. The battery connector might also be bad.


ok thank you i will check it out


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Have you tried a different battery? Otherwise, it sounds like a power supply issue...

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So even I'd the battery shows full when I push the button on the battery it could still be the battery


Ok I bought a new battery and now that one lasted only two months and now it won't charge and seems to be dead now the computer works with the cord plugged in but won't charge the battery the cord is new because the old one stop working and wondering if it might be the dc board that has a problem


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