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Vizio 42" LED TV released in September 2012.

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No audio output via RCA or Optical

For many years, I have ran RCA cables from back of this flat screen, to my Carver preamp’s video 1 input. Recently, the signal went bye-bye. I tested all the pre-amp’s RCA inputs and all work properly. Thinking there might be an issue with the RCA audio out’s of Vizio, I bought an optical cable and an optical to RCA converter This did not work, leading me to believe the issue lies with the audio outputs on the Vizio. Has anyone encountered this? If so, what is the solution?

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What are the chances that if the RCA connections are burnt out of the optical will be to?


@Alex Couch

The actual connections both won't be burnt out.

As one is analogue output and the other is digital the most common factor to both would be the audio amp.

The DSP (digital signal processor) in the TV would send the audio signal derived from the input signal, to the audio amp where it would be sent to the RCA connections and the optical connection as most TVs only have the option to select internal or external audio output i.e. internal TV speakers or external audio amp or speaker and not then to either the RCA or the optical


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ion39  This error sounds like a bad audio amp and no surprises there since those are usual skimped on. It is located on the main board. Since Vizio is at best a mediocre company with mediocre support and there are no schematics etc. available, your best bet would be to try a new main board. of course try a reset by unplugging all inputs. Unplug the TV and hold the power button for 30-45sec. Then plug the TV back in and only one video source. See if that changes anything.

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Thanks for your reply! I get the reset objective, but re: "power button"...you must be referring to remote's power button, because the flatscreen doesn't have one, at least, that I can see.


yes that should work. definitely unplug it and leave it for a bit.


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