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The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Duos Android phone is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime line. Model number SM-G360H/DS (SM-G360H/Dual-Sim). Released in November 2014.

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Can I still charge my burnt charging port?

So last 2 weeks I use my phone and it get wet (a bit) then as I charge it. It burned the charging port it is not completely burned just the half part of it. Then today, I tried to charge it. It charged.

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Jayzel Solamillo  “it get wet (a bit) then as I charge it. It burned the charging port “sure sounds like some water damage and short circuits. I would not recommend to use it until it is properly cleaned and replace the port. To clean it you will need to disassemble it (something like this video should help) and use this guide Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage for the cleaning. It was written for an iPhone but all the points are still pertinent to your phone as well.

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