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Repair guides and support for sinks, taps and faucets in your kitchen or bathroom.

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Faucet handle won't come off to repair leak

Plumber ended up just scratching finish in attempt to remove handle! Any suggestions?

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Do you have a specific model, brand, or anything? There's not enough information here.


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Hire a REAL plumber!!!! or…

If you get the brand, model number, etc. it is easy to look up on the web.

You can even find repair kits. We fixed our Metheven kitchen mixer tap for about $15.

All that was needed was a Philips screw driver.

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It the cover has no flats so as to accommodate an adjustable wrench, then try a rubber strap wrench. If the cover is made of thin metal over plastic as many are today, then be careful not apply too much force because the fulcrum of the strap wrench may dent or crease the thin metal.

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