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The Xiaomi Mi A2 (Also known globally as the Mi 6X) was released by Xiaomi in July 2018 in various internal memory configurations. It is part of the Android One program which guarantees updates for two years.

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My Screen got stuck in Anroidone screen.

My Xiomi Redmi A2 mobile which i had purchased new three months ago in India, worked all fine, when last week i was on a call and kept the mobile in my pocket and dint check the phone for an hour. When i last checked it, the mobile was turning off and it had factory to reset option displaying, as i had not done anything , I turned off my mobile and tried to turn it on without clicking on OK to factory reset (Just wanted to save my data), after which the phone is just stuck in the android one screen. Doesnt turns on from there.

Its not going to recovery mode too. If volume down and power button is pressed it agains comes back from fastboot mode to the android one screen and stucks there. Is there a way i could repair it. I bought it in India and Im at canada. So theres is no way i could ask for replacement. I dont find any redmi repair showroom in torronto. Doe someone knows how to resolve….

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The Mi A2 has NO recovery. This is called a bootloop and is pretty normal if nothing is installed. Either you wipe the partition with TWRP-custom recover - unlocked bootloader and unlocked criticial required - and install a custom rom or ... you download a fastboot rom and flash it with the Mi Tool to restore the stock rom. Just google Mi A2 fastboot rom.


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I purchased my Xiaomi Mi A2 directly from the Mi UK online store in early March 2019. On powering, it updated to Android 9, it has worked flawlessly with an average full charge lasting 2 days. I had heard reports the proximity sensor had issues; I ran a full hardware diagnostic and the proximity sensor passed multiple times without error. My phone is issue free with Android 9, I would suggest you perform a factory reset and let it automatically update to Android 9, then go into Settings > System > Backup > Back up now - this will backup your phone to your gmail.com account in the future.

AndroidOne is brilliant!

Hope this is helpful.

Barry Sumner

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MiA2 stuck with androidone screen.

Display fastboot with power +volume down.

But nothing is working.

Can you please help in starting the handset.


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I got the solution for this …..just download mi flash tool and custom rom from miui official website and get into the fastboot mode from your mobial and connect your mobial and use that mi flash tool and install the rom and enjoy

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