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Why is my freezer thawing in just the middle?

I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator in 2017 .18.5 cubic ft freezer on top refrigerator. Kept in storage for one yr in box. Put in new kitchen worked for 2 months now everything in middle of freezer is thawed but food on both sides still frozen,even ice cubes. Lost several hundred in food so far. Defies physics…Frididare customer service is completely useless. Turned setting to high still doing this.

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Hi @minnie2019camp ,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


Model no.LFHT2131QE1. Model type JD 21 .


Hi @minnie2019camp ,

Can you hear the evaporator fan running in the freezer compartment?

You may have to place an ear against the fridge to hear it

If the compressor is running the fan will be running and it will stop when a door (either freezer or refrigerator) is opened and start again when the door is closed (the compressor will keep running as long as the temperature has not reached the set temp).

Is the temp in the refrigerator compartment OK, i.e. approx 38 deg. F (or 3 deg. C)

My thinking is that if the evaporator fan is not running then cold air will not be being distributed throughout the freezer and refrigerator.

The freezer will still be icy cold as that is where the evaporator unit is (this is where the very cold air is produced by the evap fan blowing over the evap unit) but the cold air in the freezer compartment may not be evenly distributed as it will just be cold air "falling" down across the evap unit.

Also the fridge section may not be down to the correct level as the cold air is not being blown down from the freezer section.

Just a thought


The refridgerator section is fine.fan in freezer runs you can hear it and feel it when it kicks on.


Hi @minnie2019camp ,

Can you feel the air coming out of the 4 vents in the panel at the back of the freezer compartment?


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Craig Lombardi. What happens in this freezer, the air circulates when the evap fan run. The fan runs when the compressor runs. The air is moved around the food through the vents. The damper lets air into fresh food section. The freezer defrost heater heats the coil that runs left to right. If the air can’t circulate from vents through the food stacked in front of vents, the food in the middle will be warmer. Then the heater comes on and the food will get even warmer and will have a hard time refreezing. Space items so air can flow Set the knob to middle setting and leave it there. Make temp adjustments at the control in fresh food section. Any adjustments could take 24-48 hours to reach that settings. See what happens once you make these adjustments. Refer to the comment I posted as well.

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