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Help please Honda Accord

2002 Honda Accord Car died on freeway gages jumped stereo flashed… So the headlights, horn, power widows don’t work car cranks but won’t start. We replaced ignition switch, main relay, MICU and left side fuse box. We’ve lost power to both interior fuse boxes and we are only getting 4 volts of power from main relay harness?

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Sounds like something is shorting causing everything to ground out making the connection to them live. It would explain everything going on like the horn, lights and more as the current could pass through them completing there circuit and making them go off. I'd look for any exposed wires and things like that and of you're only getting 4v the rest of that voltage has to be going somewhere. Also check if the battery is still giving the required voltage out and if it is then follow the leads and look for any thing out of place from the origin to the end and work from there.

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