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The Gaggia Classic is one of the oldest continually available espresso machines for consumers on the market today.

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No power on my old Gaggia classic

No power or lights. I think it overheated. Is there anything I can do to fix it.

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Hi @tooty2222 ,

If you know how to use a DMM’s (digital multimeter) Ohmmeter function or know someone who does and you (or they) can read an electrical wiring diagram then you (or they) should be able to find out what the problem is.

Looking at the electrical wiring diagram, there is a fuse in the machine that should be checked first to make sure it is OK or not. After that it is a case of using the Ohmmeter in conjunction with the wiring diagram to find the problem, be it the fuse or a solenoid or a switch or a heater etc.

If it is the fuse then there is always a reason why a fuse has blown and this will have to be further investigated.

If it is a glass fuse and you can still see most of the fuse wire inside it with only a small break, it may be that the fuse a failed due to fatigue and when replaced the machine will most probably work OK. If it has completely ruptured then most likely there is another more serious problem which has caused the fuse to blow.

Be safety aware, always totally disconnect the power from electrical appliances before you open them up and begin working on them.

Here is a link to the electrical wiring diagram, the parts diagram and list and the performance test procedure (for when it is fixed), for the coffee maker which should be of some help.

If the problem is a component in the machine, besides the fuse, search online using the part number (obtained from the parts list) only in the search term of your browser, to hopefully find suppliers of the part. (I only checked a few parts and they were available)

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