MacBook core 2 duo 2.0 GHz A1181 display issue

Hello there,

Lately my friend asked me if i could repair his old macbook, for his 4 years old kid in order to watch dvd or youtube cartoon stuff. (otherwise he needs to take his macbook pro 2017 that he uses for video editing work ….)

But he lost the DVD ( so i can’t check AHT by only push D instead) display got very wierd color (like old effect 80s) and also when i bend the monitor over 90 degrees, it appear all black like losing contact..

i read from some people’s experience, it could be the inventer cable, but im not sure if i should also replace inventer itself… also im not sure how to solve this wierd color issue

( like if it might be LCD cable problem?)i had already reset the pram and display setting but it doesn’t change anything.

by the way while i connect to the second monitor, there is no problem at all.

(which means its not the dead graphic card i suppose?)

i would like to know which part i should purchase if anyone could help me..

Thanks a lot!

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