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Model Number A1707. Released June 2017, this MacBook Pro features Kaby Lake processors up to the 2.8 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.8 GHz.

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How can I fix the logo chin under the display?


I was trying to clean my display using a microfiber cloth. Upon applying a little pressure to get my finger a little deeper to where the hinge is, the following part cracked.

Any idea how to fix this? or if I need to fix the whole display?

If anyone knows the cost associated with it (from Apple), please let me know.


Block Image

Block Image

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Hey, I have the same issue, I let a wire, forgot about it and close my Mac. I then heard a crack and now it's broken. I saw that people let you a tutorial, did you manage to fix it? I'm afraid to do so because it seems pretty fragile, would mean a lot if you could share your experience


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Here’s the IFIXIT guide MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar 2017 Replace LOGO Baffle on the screen,替换屏幕底部LOGO挡板 Replacement and here’s the needed part 15” Chin Plate

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Good news! After some internet research, it looks like the cracked bezel isn’t part of the display. This means that you can remove the broken bezel with some heat and prying tools, and replace it with the part linked below. The part is under £20, so it’s definately worth a go.

here is the Ifixit guide for this repair MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar 2017 Replace LOGO Baffle on the screen,替换屏幕底部LOGO挡板 Replacement

Alternatively, you could take it to a third party repair shop who would probably do the repair for £50


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