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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Faint horizontal lines on the left side of the display.

Three days ago grey horizontal lines appeared on my Thunderbolt display. After a few minutes they disappeared only to appear again after a while. It happened three or four times and now they stay on permanently.

I connected the display to two different laptops and the lines were visible in both cases. I have also tried a new thunderbolt cable but it didn’t help.

Any help with pinpointing the issue would be appreciated.

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you're looking at potentially a display cable replacement internally. start with that and go from there.


Chris, I tried disconnecting the built-in cable and connecting the display via external port instead but the lines were still there.


I am beginning to think there might be an issue with the panel itself, right where the ribbon traces go to the display from the Tcon board. Basically where the internal cable meets the display controller board. From there is a strip of white or black tape along the top or bottom edge which can very pleasing be damaged even by touching it just barely. Other times they just flat fail.


Thank you Chris. As I said in another comment, I am going to replace the panel. I would hate to throw the whole display in a bin. It's good to have the issue pinpointed.


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Sadly lines are a symptom of a TAB error. This is were the glass LCD panel electrical pathways is converted to a flex ribbon cable. The LCD has metal oxide deposited as electrical pathways within the panel the alignment or the joint of the interface has failed.

Sometimes a bit of pressure in the area can re-establish the connection otherwise you’ll need a new LCD panel.

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Agreed. I didn’t see this answer before posting mine but I was thinking the same thing. Well that just about confirms it then.


Thank you very much for the detailed reply Dan! I am going to replace the panel.


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