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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Can anyone provide a link for us to download ASD 156 and newer

I already have the ASDs for the older model, but need from 2010 and newer. I would be happy to share my ASDs as well

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@arbaman oh, you were sarcastic….! That is not obvious without seeing your face or hearing your tone, so I might be excused for being slow on the uptake. I have zero respect for so called ‘ laws’ which have been put in place to keep those who would abuse power in place at the expense of all us regular folk. Whatever is not kind, sane and respectful to all beings is meaningless and irrelevant imho.


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I think that sharing that kind of information would be very wrong, it’s Apple’s special software after all. I would certainly never recommend you go to some torrent search site like tparser.me and search for “Apple Service Diagnostics”, otherwise you might somehow end up with 40.9 gigabytes of stuff you shouldn’t have!

Keep in mind they switched to AST2 (which requires a cloud login) in 2014-15, so you won’t be able to find anything newer than that, ASD wise.

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Well, with respect I disagree with your conclusion that it is wrong to seek out diagnostic tools for ailing Apple products. I feel that it is wrong, bordering at criminal actually, for Apple to NOT share the means to repair their equipment. We do have a right to repair the equipment we bought, and to attempt to withhold the tools to fix betrays their agenda to make the gear useless to s, so we go out and have to buy more of it. I agree with you that torrents are unsafe. But there are other means to find these "copyrighted" schematics and boardviews. Anyone who wants to be part of the 'right to repair' movement will seek out these essential tools, and give Apple and their corporate agenda of greed the middle finger. I for one have quite a few ASDs and schematics, and will share them with any of you, and still have my integrity fully intact. To buck "laws" designed to only enrich the few at the expense of the many, is my civic duty, as Dr Martin Luther King pointed out.


@jurgenkoppen What I'm reading in between the lines of what has been answered here above seems to be a bit different from what you perceived, but I might be wrong ;)


The newer macbooks with their purposefully prematurely disintegrating keyboards, which are riveted on to prevent repair, I am boycotting altogether. So AST2 can go and !#^& up a rope, for all I care... Apple has become evil, imho.


@arbaman , not sure what you are saying. What did I perceive in your opinion, which is unrelated to the statement: "I think that sharing that kind of information would be very wrong, it’s Apple’s special software after all." I perceive no wrongness in serving the cause of recycle, reuse, refurbish. It is wrong of Apple to try to prevent same. That is what I said in a nutshell.


@arbaman :)

I do agree that Apple should make these tools available to the public, along with replacement parts. Their refusal to cooperate with Right to Repair legislation currently in progress for example is unacceptable.

Perhaps some of my sarcasm in my answer was lost on the reader. That being said, distributing ASD is probably still piracy, legally, and therefore directly sharing download links to said software is probably not in the best interest of the iFixit Answer forum or I. Laws exist whether we like them or not, until they’re changed.


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