Black Screen in Windows 7 Boot Camp When Web Surfing

Hi there - how are you all today?

I need some help troubleshooting a little problem I’m having with my Boot Camp Windows 7 for my iMac. I’ll just give some history here for reference - some years ago I had installed Windows 7 on the iMac, and I would periodically get a black screen as I was doing various things, usually when surfing the internet. It wouldn’t happen when just working on Word documents or when playing games. A friend of mine came over one day, tinkered with some Desktop and Start menu options, and the problem went away. I didn’t have the foggiest idea what he did, but it worked.

Anyways, I had to do a fresh install of everything recently, and I’m having exactly the same problem again. I haven’t managed to find a similar “black screen” crash problem when looking around on various forums - mine seems unique in that it’s periodic and only happens when surfing (and I guess if running the Heroes of Might & Magic 5 Map Editor). Why is it so periodic, and how can I get rid of this sudden crash?

Thanks and take care!


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