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The Samsung SGH-X495 is a tri-band GSM phone in a clamshell form-factor with two displays.

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Is there any way to copy texts from my phone or sim card?

Yes, I know I’m still in the ice-age, using this SGH-X495 phone, but I still love it! Is there any way, even if it’s complicated, to copy texts from my phone or sim card to my PC?

I just type in the important ones, but that’s too time consuming.


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Unfortunately… no. If the texts are on the phone, it will be hidden from a PC, since there are two (or more) partitions. On a SIM, there really isn’t an adapter, but you could:

  1. Copy texts from flip phone to SIM.
  2. Move SIM to modern device
  3. Copy and paste to Google Doc
  4. Repeat until done.

Also, don’t be ashamed for using a flip phone! I have an Alcatel 20.08G!

Good luck!

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