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The 8.9" version of Amazon's new high-end tablet series, released in November, 2013.

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Kindle fire HDX screen jumps around by itself.

My 3rd generation Kindle with cellular started “jumping” from screen to screen all by itself ( from home pg to settings, runs though all the options in settings, then to guide, then to….)

I have reset, and factory reset a number of times. The techs in India were no help; they just had me do everything I have already tried. The last attempt with them, one of them said the device was “not fulfilled” and that was the problem. After asking him 3 times what “not fulfilled” meant and not getting an answer; I stopped that waste of time. I keep getting told it’s a software problem but I have updated and reset numerous times. I think it’s a hardware issue. Any ideas?

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there are two different screens, a 71 pin and a 90. How do I know which one I have before ordering a replacement?


You are correct. Get the model number and just comment it, and I'll find it for you .


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It’s a hardware issue. It’s called ghost touch which is when the screen on your device jumps around, fights against your touch and plain out annoying. To fix ghost touch you need to replace your screen, because something is damaged in the digitizer. Digitizer is what senses your touch to allow you to swipe and move things around.

The fix tutorial can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6e5-H_U...

You need to watch from 0:10-3:00 to remove the screen successfully and then just reverse the steps you took to put it back together.

Replacement part can be found here: Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" (3rd Gen APOLLO, 71-pin Edition) Screen

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" (3rd Gen APOLLO, 71-pin Edition) Screen Изображение


Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" (3rd Gen APOLLO, 71-pin Edition) Screen


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wrong. it is software and calibration helps. do not open the tab and heat it up, that is absurd. i activated dev mode set touch and pointer and the amazon touch sound (which was real useless as it did not make noise on desktop touching only nav bar touching) i put google play on and got a touch screen calibration app to help. now no ghost touch for a half hour.


How do I set up the calibration? Could you please give me more details as I'm experiencing the same issue. Thanks a lot.


I’m also having this problem, but my Kindle isn’t a Fire.


Wow!!!!! Thank you all


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