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Why is my Libheer side by side fridge leaking water

Hi I have a side by side Libheer fridge freezer and the fridge section is leaking water. Originally the problem started with water pooling inside the fridge on the floor and after some investigation I cleaned the drain to allow the water to drain out to the dish on top of the compressor which seemed to fix the problem but alas no now I seem to have too much water coming out onto the dish and not evoparate quickly enough. My question is have I a leak internally possibly in the water storage tank or is there another possible reason for the excess moisture or is there a heating element in the drain dish on top of the compressor that is no longer working any insight would be most appreciated before I have to call in the professionals.

Thanks in advance


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When you unplugged the drain you probably filled the evaporator tray and it may need a little time to evaporate it. If it has been a while and you are still getting to much water, examine your door seals for leaks that would allow humid air into the box, because then as it cools it condenses and drains out.

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Hi Mayer,

Thanks for getting back so quick the evaporator tray has been dried out and has refilled( not sure over how long) had a good look around the inside of the fridge and there seems to be quite a bit of moisture around electrically operated flaps in the back of the fridge( it's a bio fresh unit) and I'm not sure if these should be open or closed in normal operation.

Thanks again


Jimmy, you got me on those flaps. What's your model number? It may have some type of filter under those flaps that may need cleaning. Let's also ask the pro around here about this. Any advice @ladytech ?


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Jimmy, I haven’t seen many Libheer refrigerators. From what I know about them, this is a common issue. This is what I know about the cause of so much water draining.

The drainage is a huge issue. The pan isn’t large enough to hold the water from defrost. Most defrost once a week. That’s a big difference compared to 3 or for times a day for a typical unit. That’s a lot of frost build up so no wonder there’s so much water.

The humidity could be due to a poor drain line design. Was the drain tube straight down to the pan? Or did it look like a “J”? The “j” shape would work as a P-trap, the bottom of J would hold water to keep humidity out, preventing more frost to build. If there isn’t anything in the drain line to prevent moisture from entering the unit than your always going to have too much moisture or a frozen line with water running out the front. When warm air meets cold air you get moisture.

If your unit has a manual defrost I would use it every day. That way you’d only have a little water draining at once. If it was my refrigerator, I’d put a pan under the refrigerator to catch the water or rig up some kind of p trap drainage. Better yet, I would convert it into a dehydrator and make some jerky. The reviews are horrible. The consumer stories are nightmares. Even trying to get it replaced under warranty is like pulling teeth. The manufacturer isn’t much help and won’t be held accountable.

Unfortunately, this is all the help I can offer you on this refrigerator. It would be best to have a technician out to service it. I would be curious as to what the tech finds and the solution. If you could give us an update, I’d appreciate it.

I wish you the best.

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