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Model M2453 or M6411 / 300, 366, or 466 MHz G3 processor

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Blank screen (not black or dead) after trying to reformat

So I recently got myself a iBook indigo 366mhz firewire and apart from the battery being dead it was working flawless.

But the thing is it came preloaded with software (OS9) and I wanted a clean install so I went to MacOS9Lives and downloaded their 9.2.2 universal iso


It booted fine I managed to reformat the HDD and was installing OS9 and everything seemed alright… But then the screen started to flicker and the laptop died…

I restarted it but only got a blank screen… It's not black or white but a pale shade of blue and it won't show the boot selection screen neither show a blinking folder just blank…

CD still sounds like it's booting holding the C key but screen won't change - always that pale shade of blue…

Anyone has any hints on what could be wrong here…?

Mind you it was working just fine prior to trying to reinstall the system though.

Update (03/29/2019)

I'll post a picture so what I described wont be as vague… Don't know how it can be backlight if the screen is lit up like I said but here's the picture:

Block Image

Also I'm assuming a HDD failure wouldn't prevent it from showing the selection screen at boot and it would probably show the question mark folder and if it had faulty RAM it wouldn't even turn on right…?

I'm really hoping it's just something loose inside - fingers crossed!

Update (04/02/2019)

It was a major pain to open it up even with a guide (sooo many screws and different bits!) but at least it’s clean and thermal pads replaced. And since I was ‘there’ I removed the logo cover so now the Apple in the back sort of glows :)

Sad thing is the display remains the same… at this stage I’m assuming it’s a faulty LCD so I’ll source one from a iBook snow 12” and go for the ‘high-res’ mod as well why not…

Block Image

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Your iBook has a composite AV port. Get the appropriate cable and connect it to your iBook and an appropriate screen and see if it's booting.


So it does! :)

Good luck finding the appropriate cable and monitor though… :(

I'll just open it up when I got time and see if there's something wrong inside. Need to open it to clean up and replace the thermal paste anyway…


There's at least one seller on eBay with the cables for $18, and pretty literally *any* television will have a composite input port.


@secondlife Not all the time anymore. I'm lucky my "new" 720p* (768p display) Proscan (need to get a VESA stand) and my Vizio HDTV has it. I have a tube TV and it's also there. I even have an old 2004 JVC SDTV. The problem with HDTVs and old consoles like the Xbox is image quality, so that's why I own the JVC.

A lot of the newer TV's aren't including it, especially on the high end.


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It looks like a RAM or motherboard issue (likely the soldered RAM if it’s the motherboard). To rule out the removable module and isolate it to the motherboard, remove the memory module from the machine and see if the problem persists. The symptom you are seeing is typical of how they fail when the RAM or hard drive goes. Faulty RAM can cause this exact fault - it’s less common, but it happens. The same thing sometimes happens with a partially dead hard drive.

If it turns out to be the hard drive, it’s difficult to find a spinning replacement since these machines are capped at 128GB (24-bit LBA) and use IDE (obsolete; small drives went out of production years and years ago). If the hard drive is bad, this is brutally difficult to replace so consider it a weekend project. The LBA issue was solved with the iBook G4, but that doesn’t help you with your specific system. Should you need to replace it, you can get away with a 64GB drive (MacOS 8/9 only) or 128GB for OS X (or a MacOS 8/9+ OS X dual boot) without much trouble. You MUST use an IDE adapter to put it in this notebook.

As far as getting an RCA cable goes it's just a 3.5mm TRRS R/W/Y cable in all honestly. Those are plentiful online, but not really available in Retail because you will only find cables used by the majority. The problem with these non Apple cables is you may find you need to play with the jack placement a little depending on the wiring. This is an online only part since it’s only useful for legacy equipment not used by the majority. If you insist on the Apple cable, this is what it looks like.

iBook G3 Clamshell RAM Изображение


iBook G3 Clamshell RAM Replacement



5 - 25 minutes

iBook G3 Clamshell Hard Drive Изображение


iBook G3 Clamshell Hard Drive Replacement



2 hours

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