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Movies, music, multimedia in your home. Use our guides to repair home entertainment devices from surround sound A/V receivers or conventional stereo receivers to power amplifiers, preamplifier, speakers, and iPod/Bluetooth speaker systems.

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music through speakers on stereo misses some instruments

I have a Sanyo record player and tape deck attached to a computer, the music is not what it should be, with some instrumentation missing or very faint. One example is the harmonica/mouth organ on the Dean Martin hit “Little Ole Winedrinker Me”. The voices and most instruments come through as well as they should.

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If you are feeding these signals into the mic in jack on your computer the “level” is off. Check the following.

Turntable will need a preamp unless it has a line level switch.

On your computer see if you can toggle the audio input to line level and not mic level.

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