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No Power to Cooktop

This morning I found the cooktop totally dead. Checked the breakers and it was tripped.

Reset the breaker went back to the cooktop still dead.

Called electrician, checked power, power is getting into the unit but the unit shows no sign of life at all. The touch control don’t respond and there is no power at all no error message nothing dead.

Any idea what would cause the breaker to trip and what could possibly be wrong? The breaker did not trip again so power is getting to the unit just not lighting up.

thank you

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Hi @tonytohme ,

The circuit breakers will trip due to excessive current flow caused by either a short circuit connection between the active and neutral supply connection in the cooktop or a short circuit between the active feed and earth connection in the cooktop.

The fact that it doesn't trip after it has been reset could be caused by whatever caused the short circuit has most probably been burnt out due to the excessive current flow and is now open circuit.

The service manual mentions having a thermal cutout which may, stress may have have been affected by the fault condition and disconnected the supply path in the control modules, but it could be any number of other things as well.

The cooktop will have to be opened and initially the boards should be inspected for any obvious damage, e.g. burnt out components etc. If nothing is obvious then it will have to be diagnosed as to what the problem is. The manual also mentions that you need special tools to get to some boards so doing this may not be so easy.

If this seems too daunting either contact the repair service section of the cooktop manufacturer or an authorized repair service (as they should have the appropriate tools) and ask for a quote to repair the cooktop.

This is from the manual:

To schedule service, on-line, visit us at ge.com, or call 800.GE.CARES

(800.432.2737). (In Canada, call 1.800.561.3344.) Please have serial number and model number available when calling for


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Thank you so much for your input.

Are thermal cut out easy/expensive to replace?

thanks again


Hi @tonytohme ,

I'm not saying that the thermal cutout is the problem.

I just mentioned it as a possible cause as to why there is no power on the cooktop. That doesn't mean that it is faulty.

The parts list doesn't mention it as a separate part so it may be part of a module.

As I said according to the manual special tools are needed to get to some modules so I would say without those tools it will not be easy to get to the modules.

Is the cooktop still covered by the manufacturer's warranty at all?

Check the owner manual for warranty information that is relevant for your location


Thanks , I understand it may not be the culprit. I'm just trying to find the easiest way to narrow down the cause. Unfortunately it's out of warranty.

Servicing it at this point would cost 100s so if there is something I can test myself to figure out if it's worth saving then it would be the right way to go.

I figured if I can test the thermal cut-out and determine if it's the culprit, how can it be repaired? if it is part of a bigger module, then which module and what is the cost...it's unfortunate I paid over 2500$ 4 years ago...thanks for your input.


Hi @tonytohme ,

If you can get to the boards the service manual has a schematic (of sorts -see p.33) which may be of some help in determining the problem.

It may be easier to download the manual so that you can enlarge the circuit etc than trying to work it out from what is shown online.

Also take heed of the Caution note on the same page regarding the special tool required:


*A special tool is required when removing the connections (marked with an *) from the circuit boards. (See LINbus Connectors.) Damage to the circuit boards or wiring harnesses may occur without utilizing the special tool.


Thanks again for all your input. I will post an update later on, either I got lucky and found the problem, or it's gone to garbage.



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