How can I remove a stripped screw at the dock connector?

Basically, i have a stripped screw on the dock connector. I managed to remove the metal bracket but the screw, on the opposite side of the headphone jack, is still there. Do i need to remove it to get the logic board out?

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Johan, yes you do need to remove that screw. Check on here I would either try to get a small jewelers screwdriver and try to make it fit or use a small dremel like tool to cut a groove into the screw head. Good luck.

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Managed to get it out, using my mates Jewellers screwdriver kit, pretty hard work though xD

Cheers for your help


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I was able to remove it with a Sears screw removal tool that was sold on tv before They bought them up. they come in 3 sizes and the smallest size just did work. Then as above reslot it and it can be recycled.

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