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Repair guides and support for Trio tablets on the Android operating system.

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How to update os on Trio STEALTH G5 7.85?

when i am trying to update os for Trio STEALTH G5 7.85 tab, its showing your system was damaged wireless update was disabled. Please give the suggestion for this problem.

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Just tap the Power button to select Reboot System Now.

  1. Make sure tablet is powered off.
  2. Hold down Volume + button and Power button at same time.
  3. When screen comes on let go of Power button.
  4. When the large Android shows on screen let go of Volume + button.
  5. Use Volume - button to scroll to Wipe Data/ Factory Reset.
  6. UPDATE 6/1/10
  7. Apply update from ADB: The Android Debug Bridge allows you to plug your device into your PC and issue commands from there. It’s designed for developers and requires you to install the Android SDK (software development kit). If you’re interested, you can find out more at the Android developer website.
  8. Wipe data/factory reset: This will wipe all of your data — photos, videos, music, apps, everything — and return your phone to its original factory condition. This will also wipe the cache partition.
  9. Wipe cache partition: This is temporary system data largely related to app installations, and you can delete it without losing any personal data or settings. Wiping the cache partition can solve a host of issues and you won’t lose any data or settings, so there’s no real risk involved. We recommend this as a fix for a lot of common Android problems. NOTE: Since it released Android 7.1, Google has removed the wipe cache partition option for devices that get seamless updates. You should be able to do the same thing by going to Settings > Storage and tapping on Cached data.


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Once I've done those steps this black screen with blue writing comes up and says Android system recovery what option do I select? I have three options which one do I select to do a full update?

Apply update ADB

Apply update from EXT

Apply update from cache


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