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The W385 is a mobile phone model produced by Motorola with messaging and an integrated VGA Camera.

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Transfer directory chip to a new board

My Motorola W385 was damaged and will not boot up. I want to transfer the chip that holds the directory to a different board. Where is this chip located?

Update (04/15/2019)

This is the main board.

Block Image

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Did you take the SIM out and install it into another phone? If you did you might find your entries are on it.


This is an old phone and I am quite sure is does not have a SIM card.


There is not a SIM card in this phone. The directory is saved on a microchip somewhere on the board.


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Verizon stopped accepting new CDMA/3G activations last year. You will need to get a modern 4G flip phone :-( ; thankfully they’re still a thing. Unless you want to do a short term AOL, which Verizon allows (and take on someone else’s phone and number for 9 more months and have your hand forced anyway), you’re stuck. They’re retiring the EDGE/3G networks by the end of 2019.

The shields on this phone (and most old Motorolas) are soldered. Unless you can desolder them without damage, you will need to take the phone to a pro. If it’s an issue with the solder and it cannot be reflowed, you may find yourself in that position (like it or not) since you will need to reball the eSIM after removal. Discrete components are not an issue and can be done by just about everyone.

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Thanks. I know that. I need my directory data.


I thought you were trying to repair it. I would take the phone to a pro, as the shields are soldered to the phone and it's a difficult job just because of that.


I want to salvage the directory chip and put it on a good board so I can recover my 23 years of contact information .


I went to genius phone repair in Grand Rapids, Michigan and it was over their skill set.


They will be on the eSIM with this phone, since these do not have a physical card like the 4G phones. You will need to transfer that to the replacement board or repair the old one long enough to work.


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