Wipers always on. Blowing tailight fuse and ignition fuse

Bought car 5 weeks ago.Three weeks ago my car stopped running while driving I was blowing my tail light fuse and my ignition fuse I found out somebody had tucked my license plate light little harness that light up the license plate at night over the exhaust pipe and it melted 4ft all the way into my trunk .using a test light I rewired all of my reverse lights brake lights turn signals markers everything now 2one week later my car again side of the road while running dies quietly doing the same exact thing this time I replaced a couple wires in the trunk I found little wires going into bridge connector burnt little bit replaces spliced 3 1 foot long wires with butt connectors. and then I found my ipdm box next to the battery after taking that completely apart I had a burnt wire all the way up to fuse number 75 inside the black box behind battery 5th one down on the left. It only blows when you turn multi switch for car lights. Or if you try to start it just cranks and cranks but blows the fuse in on position number 3. tail light fuse so that wire ran to an internal sort of relay which there was four of its my tail lamp internal non-removable relay I pulled it it was destroyed fried now after putting a ipdm box (black box behind battery )new one into car the wipers are always on without key in ignition still can't start car still blowing tail light fuse I already cut 6in up any wiring I did in my car's rear to remove any possibility of anything I put my hands on the factory did not touch an ending the circuit there talk them and covered them all taped them off number them with electrical tape so they could not touch any metal in the rear of the trunk as well all while of course not having the battery connected I then I I've already removed every paneling in the trunk the rear seats the rear tail lights everything are all disconnected they're not even on the circuit anymore my marker lights as well are removed off the circuit on the back any any lights my headlights high-beam still come on with my switch as I've already remove the headlight switch. It lets me use my turn signals which I can't tell if the rears are coming on because they're not wired in but I do not believe so because they did not before my high beams and my left and right turn signals are on however anything else you can hear it popping the fuse in the taillight fuse obviously the ignition won't let the car start it just blows the ignition soon as you put it in there and the wipers are just constantly on now with this box I've been tracing what I think to be some kind of melted wires in the short. I have removed the windshield wiper switch already off the circle I have checked on getting a constant power to my windshield motor and I am have removed the windshield wiper switch headlight switch the whole back seat past the wire harness is not connected and I've already removed my radio pulled it off as well as dropped under my steering column just to get a better look I haven't fully pulled my steering area apart yet but I pulled the radio I can't see anything wrong back there everything looks fine the radio worked fine it's a stock radio I know the cable and about the recall I figured and found out that in position switch 3 on the ignition is where my problem lies somewhere on the schematic further down cuz the windshield wipers do connect on that circuit on some level in there so there is a connection between the two issues as I thought and I'm not sure if the bcm is bad or not.the radio illumination wire runs off the same circuit there's any if there's anything else anybody knows that appreciate it thank you

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