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A personal computer that resides in one location with its core components inside a case separate to third-party peripherals required for operation, such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

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Why are my peripherals not working?

I recently acquired a full size tower where I replaced the motherboard from that of another desktop I have, with a 1k power supply, the computer works fine until I attach any usb/hdmi/serial connection either to the pcb or any other cards attached to the motherboard, that is when all external attachments stop working, please advise.

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Hi @neodadevil ,

What is the make and model number of the motherboard?

Have you installed all the relevant drivers for the motherboard e.g. chipset drivers etc?


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The external attachments may stop working because your current power supply is not powerful enough to support all the components you need to use.

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That is good to know, I will check on that immediately, is there a way to find out what my system's power requirements might be? I'm not really using anything extravagant in this PC


To know what size of power supply you need, add up the wattage requirements of all components and then add 30 percent - this is a general rule of thumb. Technical documentation for the components should include their wattage requirements, but in general:

1. Motherboard, processor, memory, keyboard, and mouse = 200-300 W

2. Fan = 5 W

3. SATA hard drive = 15-30 W

4. Optical drive = 20-30 W

5. PCIe x 16 card = 100-300 W (PCIe video cards will be at the higher end of the spectrum)

6. PCI card (network or other PCI card) = 20 W


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1000W PSU should be more than enough unless you have something huge you are trying to power even a GTX 1080SLI GPU only requires you to have a 900W PSU. I think you may have a short somewhere on the motherboard by the south gate. It could be a micro-soldering repair. Or you may need to buy a new motherboard. You can test my theory by using an alternate motherboard (if you have one lying around). Plug everything, into the alternate motherboard, that you were attempting to plug into the motherboard in question. If it works then the problem is definitely a short on the motherboard and you should repair or replace the motherboard.

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I have a friend that recommended the same thing after work last night, since I only have a 1060 in there, I am doubtful it is the power supply, I'll test out both theories by adding a power supply, and changing the board to see what works out, thank you all for helping


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