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Intel Core i7-8750h and GTX 1050 Ti 1Tb HDD with Optane and 16 DDR4 Dual Channel 2666MHz RAM

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Why is my Wifi signal randomly dropping?

Every wifi connection I connect to disconnects randomly every couple of hours. The connection is still there but the internet is gone making me disconnect and reconnect. I hovered over the Wifi settings and it says connect, no internet. Does anyone have this same issue and a solution to this or is my wifi card a faulty one?

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Try reinstalling the drivers.

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How would I get the drivers? The wifi card drivers on the Lenovo support site has the intel card and I have the Realtek one.


This a known ongoing issue that Lenovo continues to deny. Probably because it doesn't seem to effect every laptop. The only real solution is to use a usb wifi dongle. Reinstalling the driver probably wont help.


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