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The Xbox One S, designed by Microsoft Corporation, was released on August 2016. The Xbox One S is a redesign of the Xbox One.

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Recovering Data from Broken Xbox one s hard drive

I have an Xbox One S and after only a year and a half the hard drive is broken. I have all my game progress and software on it. Is it possible to recover it to a new hard drive? I have a Mac and Dell Windows 10 Laptop available to use. Any advice would help thank you!!

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You can try cloning the drive, however data recovery on an encrypted drive is difficult as you don’t know if the data is correct. Your only clue is that Xbox One use a custom version of NTFS so you might be able to identify data integrity using file system structures.

Data recovery for 1TB is going to cost thousands of dollars. I doubt anyone’s game progress would worth that much.

Also isn’t Xbox One game progress and purchase history synced to your account anyways? Have you tried to just log in on a different console to see if everything is there?

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There is a program called Macrium Reflect. There is a free version. I am unsure if the force clone is an option with the free. If so you can clone all the data that's on the failing hard drive over to the new hard drive. Some of it could be corrupted but from my experience in cloning hard drives it does the trick fine.

Otherwise it might be worth looking into other programs that can clone a hard drive. You would want to search for one that can clone bad sectors.

Hopefully it works for you!

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