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Why is my Asus ac1900 not working at all

After working perfectly I had to unplug My Asus rc-ac1900 after has no lights nothing no signal anything please help the id a 130$ router and I need it

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Hi im also having problem with my asus ac 1900 router i try to fix the power button and i saw some small copper or gold? im trying to remove the spring i dont know how to put back these small coppers any help.. thx


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Hi @gamerbug ,

Did you mean Asus RT-AC1900?

Did you turn off the router and the router power supply outlet before removing it from the power outlet?

If there are no lights showing on the router, have you checked the power outlet that the router is connected to is OK?

If it is have you checked that the router’s power adapter output is OK (+19VDC 1.75A)?

Have you checked that the Power button on the back of the router is operated?

If the outlet and the adapter are OK and the button is operated and the device is longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll have to open it up and inspect the board for any obvious damage to the components around the power input connection.

If you do open the device and find something or if you’re not quite sure, post some pictures back here.

Here’s how to do this.

Adding images to an existing question

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No worry

Follow these to solve Asus not working issue:-

1 Go for Hard reset

> power up the router

> Hold the reset button pressed for more than 10 secs

> Access the router at the default IP

> login username and password is admin.

> Manual configure the router again.

2 Wired adaptor setting

>Open Network and Sharing Center. Use change adapter settings and then Select your wired adapter. Go into Properties.

>Look at your wired adapter settings.

>Make sure that Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) is checked.

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