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WiFi range suddenly got worse

My laptop can not connect to wireless network only when it's placed next to a router, it doesn't work when it's 15 metres away. I have same issues when I boot up Ubuntu USB. What exact parts should I buy so they'll be compatible with my laptop?

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i can not connect to the internet and the problem is that the connection betweenmy access point,router or cable modem and the internet is broken…how can i fix it?


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Hi Vikror, I would suggest you to check on your wifi card that was installed inside your mainboard.

Sometimes due to impact, the wifi pigtail cable which is connected to the antenna  might come out.

Check if it is properly connected to it.

If it is connected well, consider updating the wifi card driver to the latest version first.

If it does not work and you have a spare card, install it to try, while observing the results.

If the replacement card is still having issues, you might have an issues with the laptop internal antenna.

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Thank you for response.

It looks like one of antenna cables is broken where it goes through a hinge.


Hi Viktor, try splicing it and see if it works. else you need to get those cable replacement.


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