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Entry level business laptop introduced by Dell in 2014. Uses Intel Haswell (4th generation) processors.

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CPU max out only when plugged to HDMI


My laptop started to slow down when it’s connected to a TV screen using HDMI. (It was working fine till a week ago).

The CPU goes to 100% for any SW I open (any browser or other app). When HDMI is unplugged everyrhing works fine.

I tried to check drivers of both Intel HD graphic and Nvidia GT 720M display adapters

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for your help!

Re-installing the drivers did the trick


That's good. Slightly corrupted video drivers are often a cause of "strange" problems.


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Try this:

Does it make any difference if you boot up with the TV connected rather than plugging in HDMI after boot-up?

If that doesn’t fix it try uninstalling both graphics drivers and reinstall with latest drivers.

Let me know how it goes.

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