Location of the EFI chip on a Mac Pro 2,1 Logic board

I have MacPro2,1 - A1186 - 2138 that showed up on my workbench.. yay. It powers on but no screen and no chime.. boo..

I have scoured the interwebs and settled on a solution to re flash the efi chip. My reasoning being the efi led does not light up at all when pressing the diag button after a minute or two or twenty… there are no other error leds presenting themselves.

My guess.. I would say the previous tech or diy’er failed in their attempt to update/hack the efi to get a newer OS on it.

My plan is to use one of these: SPI USB To TTL 24/25 Series USB Programmer EEPROM BIOS Writer CH341A SOIC8 Clip from ebay to restore the original firmware.

here is an image of the logic board:


Can anyone help in identifying which chip is the efi ? im having real issues with just me and my magnifying glass…

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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@mayer - Any ideas?


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