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Google's 2nd-generation Pixel XL sports a 6-inch P-OLED display with rounded corners. Available in 64 and 128 GB storage configurations, and in two colors: Just Black and Black & White. Released October 19, 2017.

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Why is there a a line on my screen?

I recently went to ubreakifix for a green line on the left half of my screen. They were able to replace the screen and fix the problem. After around 2 months, a thicker white line appeared in the same spot. What could some possible causes be for this issue to occur?

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My immediate thought is that they have used a compatible screen as opposed to a genuine screen. While compatible screens can sometimes be a much cheaper alternative to buying genuine, they can have issues in some cases.

Although with that said, I personally haven’t had any issues in my experience with compatible screens as we use them all the time in the office when replacing iMacs, but that’s a different ball-game. I think that it’s possible the screen may have been damaged again, as it may not be as rigorously tested as the original for durability.

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Hi @laserjet25

I am somewhat familiar with the relationship between Google and uBreakiFix and I can say that you should have received an OEM replacement screen installed with OEM adhesive. All Pixel repairs should have a 90-day warranty so this problem could likely be fixed for free at any uBreakiFix location.

As for the cause, there are several possibilities such as a small type of frame damage that was missed or a simple defective screen assembly. Either way, I hope that you are able to get a warranty replacement screen.

Best of luck!

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