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MacBook Air without battery is having date/time issues

I’ve been running my mid 2011 macbook air without its battery because it swelled up. Today when I started it the date and time are wrong and won’t update automatically even though I’m connected to wifi. It also can’t determine my location. Is this something that replacing the battery could fix, or is it unrelated?

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Without a battery volatile data get lost when you unplug the Magsafe, that’s normal and a new battery will surely fix the issue. No idea why time and date wouldn’t update though, double check your settings in system preferences..location services need appropriate privacy permissions.

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I’ve checked system preferences and also reset the PRAM, still no luck


Your system will learn the date & time from the network time server Apple offers but it will be based on the default time zone, it does take a bit of time for the connection to establish.

You really should fix your system with a new battery.


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