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A portable, rechargeable jumpstarter that can provide instant jumpstarts for cars and trucks.

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Can a regular jump starter battery charger be used as a 12v power sup

Can a jump starter be used as a 12v power supply?

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Yes, but be warned that the current delivered will be very high (typically 6 to 8 amps), so don't try powering small, low-current components/circuits unless you want resistors turning into light bulbs and microchips turning into miniature stoves.

However, if your circuit(s) are capable or rated to handle such current, go right on ahead. Some medium and larger motors are a great example of high current draw devices. Just be careful that the guage of wire in the motor (and anything else you're powering, really) is thick enough to handle the current, otherwise you'll end up turning the wire into a lightbulb.

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Yes my charger has 3 settings 2amp, 12amp and 50amp. I will be cautious and confirm wire size and device current capability thanks for your help.


No problem. Be safe!


Just to be clear, irrelevant of how much current the jump pack can deliver, a light bulb/motor/ pump will only draw as much current as it needs, so yes you can run lights, pumps and motors etc if the wiring is capable of carrying current to run such items.


@Dan Ruig Agreed, the wiring is dependent on the load, not the capability of the source to deliver it. I can hook up a 9V battery to a 1 Ohm load and generate 81 watts of power; well for a second maybe, because the battery can't deliver that much power for any length of time. But we know from Ohm's law that the higher the resistance, the less current can flow, so the only way you're going to fry anything is if your circuit has a low resistance and pulls a huge amount of current.


Terrible answer. The fact that charger can supply more current than the device draws is irrelevant.


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