PS4 Pro will not boot back up after a restart.

As the title states, my PS4 Pro will not boot back up when you perform a restart of any kind. I’ve noticed to power it back up you have to press the power button once and you hear a beep. If you wait 5-7 seconds you can press the power button again and the PS4 pro will boot back up again. It also will not go into rest mode. If you press the power button once, it simply turns off. Last thing is when you try to turn the PS4 pro on from the remote, it won’t work initially. You have to press the PS4 Pro’s power button once and hear a beep. Then when you press the button on the controller it will turn on. Sounds like a faulty IC chip somewhere for power management, but I’m not sure. Any ideas?

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Hmm, sounds like a power controller IC problem. Does anything appear damaged on the motherboard or power supply?


The PS4 gets a white light but no signal. So I believe the IC decoder chip is bad as well. Did you happen to know what IC is responsible for power? Thanks!


And no. No obvious signs of burned chips. All continuity checks out with ribbon cables and 4 pin power connector as well.


That's weird... Seeing as I have CUH-1215A, I can't take measurements to compare with yours. However, can you try checking the power controller IC's components's continuities? (Capacitors should not be short, inductors should be short or have some kind of resistance, resistors should have resistance unless they are jumper wires, and diodes should not be short) Look for the chips nearest the power input on the motherboard, and you should see the components around the chips.

Though slower than grounding common, don't put the common probe to ground. I find it easier to probe the components directly, plus it tends to be more accurate.

Sometimes the surface mount components go bad, so that's why I would check them. If the problem IS a surface mount component(s), you'll need to have the right replacement(s). If the components are OK, we can narrow the problem down to the power controller IC(s). Check back after you probe the components and let me know the results.


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