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Repair guides and support for videocassette recorders including Betamax and VHS (Video Home System) players.

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VHS Tape not playing.

Hi.I have a Philips VR255 Turbo Drive VCR.Everything else is working:the capstan,the motor,the drum the audio head,etc. ,but whe I put a tape in the vcr,the V Pickup arms won’t pull the tape up to the drum,and the tape doesn’t play.so I had to force the arms up to the drum (I didnt break anything,though),and the vcr played,but when I tried to eject the tape,the V pickup arms get stuck halfway and the tape can’t go back in the case,so I have to turn it off and remove the tape myself.I dont have the money to buy another vcr right now.Any ideas as to how this problem can be fixed?

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I know this is from 2019 but i have the same problem, did you figure out what was wrong?


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Please adjust the bigger pulley back side of v arms.the teeth of all gears must mesh properly..

Lastly but not least check the tension of the belt driving the bigger pulley and lubricate all moving

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Check to see if there is an obstruction or broken mechanism in the tape cartridge sled assembly. Sometimes the fragile plastic mechanisms will break and prevent the tape from being pulled up to the drum. Or, you might have a foreign object obstructing the path of the arms that pull the tape out of the cassette. Give the assembly a good look and you'll probably find the issue relatively easily.

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