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The ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 is a 9.7-inch tablet in the ZenPad line released by ASUS in October 2015. Model: P027.

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Tablet won't turn on after battery unplugging

My tablet only had a broken screen, so I just replaced it with a new one, when I turned it off I didn't wait until completely off before connecting new screen and tablet started to behave in a weird way: stripes, buzz etc, so I connected back old screen and then the new one but the screen stayed black but illuminated, nothing worked to turn it on or off so I unplugged the battery and now its completely dead, black screen, no response…

Help! Now I'm trying to charge it (nothing happens, just some heating in motherboard area)

Is it fixable? Did I burned the motherboard or something?

Do anyone have similar experiences with diy repairs?

Thank you

I will update if anything happens

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If you unplugged the screen without removing the battery it is very likely motherboard damage. The screen being black but illuminated sounds like backlight issues on the board which is fixable but requires soldering. Unplug the battery and screen and try to use a cotton bud and pure alcohol to clean the connectors on both the screen itself and the motherboard. Alcohol evaporates and is safe to use do not try cleaning the alcohol off with water or anything it will go by itself. If this doesn’t work you will probably need to replace a chip on the motherboard.

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It could also be bent pins look as close as possible at each individual pin on the screen connectors and make sure they are all straight and aligned with each other. If it is this you may be able to bend the pins back in place with a small flathead screwdriver (make sure to remove the battery and charger before doing this though).


Thank you for your answer! Very useful


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