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Released in North America in November 2006.

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Power light will not turn red

I recently opened up my wii to try and fix a terrible lawn-mower like sound it makes when reading discs. I opened it up and tried to loosen screws as the disc drive was working which I saw someone do in a video. Nothing worked and I’m not willing to try and remove the arm that I saw in another video. so I powered down my wii by holding down the power button, but noticed that no matter how long I pressed it, it would not turn red as usual. I can power it back on and it still reads as normal, but it will not power down completely. I have no idea what the problem could be as the only hardware I messed with were some screws.

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Make sure it is plugged in to the wall tv and all cables plugged in to it. If u did check if Any plugs are bent if they are replace them

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