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The ZTE Blade Spark is a prepaid AT&T device released in July of 2017 and can be identified by the model number: Z971

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Dead phone/ USB c female broke

The USB port completely came out. Phone belongs to my better half. I got him a S7 and jus need enough juice to retrieve some data. I've disassemble the phone for the most part. I'm a noob and jus looking for some insight on which way to go. Should I try to connect to battery? If so how do I get to the positive and negative terminals?

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I checked this battery model on Google and i don’t think that is a good idea to give some juice by connecting positive and negative terminals. I mean,there’s components on your motherboard that will control the voltage and Amp to charge the battery in the right way. The thing is a little bit more complex then just conect negative and positive wires.

If you have a DC power supply is a different story,you could use it to power up your phone and retrieve your data.

If you have a universal battery charger you could use it to charge your battery by connecting positive and negative.

Here’s an exemple of a universal battery charger : https://www.amazon.in/Rebel-Universal-Mo...

Hope that helps.

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I sure will look for power supply and give it a try. Tysm


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